The Metal Security Box is specifically designed to fit the hunting trail camera to keep it snug and secure. With strong metal casing, It helps to protect the camera from any inquisitive wildlife or trespassers. This gives you peace-of-mind if you are leaving your trail camera in a remote location. It can also be locked to a secure point, such as a fence or tree, to prevent it from being moved.

Having a high-quality Metal Security Box will have the following advantages:

1. Sturdy housing for Wildlife Trail Cameras, protecting the camera from vandals, thieves, or curious wildlife.
2. Prevents anyone from accessing the SD card on which the footage is stored.
3. Cut-outs on the front perfectly line up the IR LEDs and sensors, letting it still trigger and record.
The box can be secured to a fence or tree to record.
4. Let’s you perfectly line up the camera when there is nothing to attach it to.

Gearhunting offers many high-quality valuable hunting trail camera’s metal boxes for our loyal customers, and we are keeping launch the latest metal security boxes for you, if you have any interest, kindly directly order them from our site, we will ship them in 48 hours.

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