Bushwhacker is one of the experienced and innovative companies focusing on R&D, design and produces Remote Image Monitoring & Identification systems, and Infrared Detection Cameras. We have been providing OEM/ODM solutions to our customers at home and abroad since the very inception. Bushwhacker brand is now on its way to debut to the world and we are here for you to join!

As a leading high-tech company, Bushwhacker affirmatively introduces modern enterprise management techniques and cutting-edge equipment. Our experienced, highly skilled, and the aggressive team continuously designs, manufactures, and markets outfits for outdoor sports at the right value. We have solely developed and established our core businesses in outdoor sports and hunting cameras.

Bushwhacker is poised to explore new businesses and a better corporate structure and boast an efficient, rigorous organizational system and a cooperative industrial alliance as to product manufacturing, marketing, services, and development. Our proven product quality, capable sales team, and exceptional customer services anchor our robust future. We understand our success stems exactly from consistently reliable products and the right marketing. We will continue offering our customers top-notch products and delivering to them the right solutions and support at the right value. We endeavor to keep pace with the ever-changing market needs by setting higher goals and adjusting our positioning.

Bushwhacker 4 key commitments:

1. Integrity and self-discipline
2. Quality excellence and brand uplift
3. Care, trust, and giving thanks
4. Ultimate goals and win-win sharing of resources

Bushwhacker brand is now on its way to debut to the world, they provide customized service to our customers at home and abroad. If any interesting, feel free to contact us.

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