WildGuarder Outdoors Co., Ltd is a front high tech company that has been committed to the digital image processing products’ development and production. Our experienced, highly skilled, and aggressive team continuously designs, manufactures, and markets outfits for hunting and wireless camera at the right value.

We are poised to explore new businesses and a better corporate structure and boast an efficient, rigorous organizational system and a cooperative industrial alliance as to product manufacturing, marketing, services, and development. Our proven product quality, capable sales team, and exceptional customer services anchor our robust future. We understand our success stems exactly from consistently reliable products and the right marketing. We will continue offering our customers top-notch products and delivering to them the right solutions and support at the right value. We endeavor to keep pace with the ever-changing market needs by setting higher goals and adjusting our positioning.

Global market demand-oriented, strong product definition capabilities; effective and practical R & D support; continuous new products upgrading and developing; flexible and fast after-sale service … all these factors ensure a strong branded WildGuarder

With leading technology capabilities and advanced management experience, WildGuarder is dedicated to the branding of image processing technology and the OEM, ODM processing service worldwide, can provide product development and one-stop processing and production service.

In the future, WildGuarder will focus on digital image processing and related to applications of technology research, production, sales, and services, to become the largest hunting camera production and development company, and relying on the power management capabilities to serve the global digital image processing brands and companies.

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Wildguarder Guarder1 350M IR Range Digital Night Vision Monocular Portable Hunting Camera

$ 329.99 $ 249.99

2021 Latest Solar Panel Charger WildGuarder S1 8000mAH 12V Trail Camera Solar Panel Charger For All Hunting Cameras

$ 139.90 $ 78.99

200M IR Range WildGuarder NV150 Digital Night Vision Monocular Mini Size Night Hunting Scope Camera

$ 209.99 $ 149.99

WildGuarder WGB01 Hunting Rifle Shooting Stick Bipod with Rubber Holder for Optical Monocular Bipod Mount for Trail Camera

$ 149.99 $ 92.99

WildGuarder MT1027 Outdoor Survival Self Shovel Multi Purpose Fold Shovels Tool Shovel Spade For Hunting Camping

$ 50.99$ 62.99

WildGuarder X-R01 4 in 1 Design IOS Android Cell Phone Type-C Card Reader TF Micro SD Memory Card Reader for Ipad Computer

$ 69.99 $ 36.99

WildGuarder 350m Range Torch Adjustable Beam Infrared Torch Hunting Night Vision Scope Laser IR Flashlight

$ 129.99 $ 89.99

WildGuarder WG-T02 Hunting Trigger Shooting Stick Camera Tripods Scope Binocular Monocular Tripods Sticks

$ 329.99 $ 179.99

WildGuarder SC02 2.6M Hunting Telescopic Tree Stand Ladders Foldable Tree Stand Seats Aluminum Hunter Chair Stand

$ 389.99 $ 249.99

WildGuarder WGX3 200M Range Digital IR Night Vision Camera 5000 Joule recoil Hunting Riflescope

$ 329.99 $ 198.99

WildGuarder LE033 700M Range All-Weather Mini Laser Rangefinder 500g Recoil Hunting Night Vision Scope

$ 369.99 $ 172.99

WildGuarder WG105 Mirco OLED Display Eyepieces Cameras Lens 5.8G/2.4G Frequency Hunting Night Vision Scope Helmet Camera

$ 389.99 $ 279.99