Willfine Introduction

Founded in 2004, the company, Willfine, grows to be a strong R&D based manufacturer with unmatched level customer services, sufficient OEM & ODM experiences, sharp marketing senses, and unbeatable products prices. With all these strengths, Willfine is always aiming to bring innovative ideas into products based on feedback and requirements from customers globally. That’s also the main reason that they are the first to manufacture PIR Motion Detection Camera and the first to endow the GPRS feature into Trail Camera. Again, Willfine is working on something new to try our best to meet your expectations better; and it’ll come soon.


They were a branch office of an import-export state-owned company located in Shenzhen by 1997. The main business was exporting Multi-tape-record devices to India, Japan, and the USA, etc. When this industry vanished from the market; our business shifted to computer-related products. It is upon that time, their independent factory with their own first R&D Team was founded in 2004, named Willfine.

Thanks to gradually growing numbers of their great clients and deeper cooperation with them, Willfine got a chance to make our first batch of self-developed all-in-one products: PIR Motion Detection Camera, Pixel Motion Detection Camera by the same foundation year, 2004. Similar new generation products were created and lasted until 2008.

With further mature and stable development, Willfine is positioned to devote themself to something better and more intelligent. In 2007, Willfine launched the project to develop an integrated intelligent system based on the increasing demand for home intelligent products from the market. But due to conflict of limited developed technology and market needs during that time, the project had to be held.

Based on rich experiences in PIR motion detection products, we step into the hunting camera industry; it’s also the time when we made the first GPRS trail camera for our market.

With constant efforts paid into hunting trail camera business, they adapt ourselves into the market better with different levels trail cameras available in their products line to meet customers’ various needs as you can find from their company web. Apart from outdoor hunting, their products can also be used in supermarkets for business management assistance. They began to expand into a wider range of products.

As a well-established import-export agency, they have participated and organized many trade fairs both domestic and overseas. And they are now staying in close communication and cooperation with some big supermarket in the USA, and we are now allowed to do business management and commercial administration of other goods especially for outdoor recreation, like card readers for SD card reader, antenna, etc.

Now, their brand is becoming famous on the trail camera market, if you have any interesting, kindly order it from our website, we will ship it in 48 hours.

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