Binocular, optical instrument, usually handheld, for providing a magnified stereoscopic view of distant objects, consisting of two similar telescopes, one for each eye, mounted on a single frame. A single thumbwheel may control the focus of both telescopes simultaneously, and provision may be made for adjusting the focus of each separately to allow for varying characteristics in the two eyes. Binoculars are designed to give an upright view that is correctly oriented left-to-right. Because they allow the use of both eyes in a natural way, they are more comfortable than single telescopes, provide depth perception, and improve visual acuity by giving the human visual system two sets of data to process and combine.

In most binoculars, each telescope is provided with two reflecting prisms. The prisms reinvert, or erect, the inverted image supplied by the objective of each telescope. They prescribe a folded path for the light rays, allowing a shorter overall length for the instrument. When the prisms used are of the Porro type (see optics: Reflecting prisms), they also provide better depth perception at greater distances by allowing the two objectives to be set farther apart than the eyepieces.

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WildGuarder NV3182 Night Vision Binoculars 4X Digital Zoom 200M IR Range Infrared Digital Camera with WiFi Function

$ 269.99

WildGuarder NV3180 Night Vision Binoculars 4x Digital Zoom 300M Full Dark View Range 720P Video Recording Hunting Camera

$ 209.99

2020 Latest Night Vision Binoculars WildGuarder OWLER1 500M Range Viewing with 20X Optical Zoom

$ 386.99

NV500B Night Vision Binoculars 1080P HD Binoculars Optical 10.8X31 Zoom Hunting Telescope

$ 286.99

WG-540 Night Vision Monocular 200m Full Dark Range 5X Optical Magnification Night Vision Scope For Hunting Shooting Outdoors

$ 165.98

WG-540 Night Vision Scope Digital Night Vision Monocular 5×40 With Camera For Hunting

$ 165.98

BIJIA 10×42 High Quality Multi-coated BAK4 Prism monocular Hunting Bird Watching travel telescope

$ 39.89

Bijia 10-180X90 High Magnification HD Professional Zoom Binoculars Waterproof Telescope for Bird watching Hiking Hunting Sport

$ 89.89

BIJIA 10-120X80 high magnification long range zoom hunting binocular telescope wide angle professional binoculars high definition

$ 79.89

Binocular Fixed Focus Compact Binocular Mini Bak4 FMC for Hunting Concert Theater Opera (8x25mm) SVBONY SV10

$ 29.99

Military Binoculars 7×50 w/Internal Rangefinder&Compass Waterproof Floating Marine Powerful Telescope SVBONY SV27

$ 119.99

Military HD Hunting Binoculars 10×50 Large Object Lens BAK4 Large View Rangefinder Distance Hunting Green color

$ 109.99