A monocular is a modified refracting telescope used to magnify the images of distant objects by passing light through a series of lenses and usually prisms, the application of prisms resulting in a lightweight, compact telescope. The typical volume and weight of a monocular are less than half of a pair of binoculars having similar optical properties, making a monocular easier to carry, and also proportionally less expensive. This is due to the fact that monoculars typically only have half the optics of binoculars, as they only process 1 image as opposed to 2. It produces 2-dimensional images, while binoculars add the perception of depth (3 dimensions), assuming one has normal binocular vision.

Monoculars are ideally suited to those with vision in only one eye, or where compactness and low weight are important (e.g. hiking). It is also sometimes preferred where difficulties occur using both eyes through binoculars because of significant eye variation or poor vision in one eye.

For wildlife watching, bird watching, or hunting, a high quality monocular will be a wise choice for you. Gearhunting provides many high-quality monoculars at the best price. If you have any interest, just order it, we will ship it in 48 hours. Many thanks for shopping with us! Have a nice day!

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200M IR Range WildGuarder NV150 Digital Night Vision Monocular Mini Size Night Hunting Scope Camera

$ 209.99 $ 149.99

WildGuarder P4 200M Range Mountable Night Vision Rifle Gun Cameras Outdoor Sports Game Camera

$ 199.99 $ 159.99

WildGuarder WG535 Digital Night Vision Monocular 200m in the full dark 5X Optical Magnification Hunting Scope Camera

$ 209.99 $ 139.99

LaserWorks LRNV009 200M Nighttime View Range 6 X32MM Optical Magnification Night Vision Laser Rangefinder

$ 379.99 $ 239.99

WildGuarder Able1 Night Vision Monocular with 500M Laser Rangefinder 4X Digital Zoom Hunting Camera

$ 389.99 $ 259.99

WildGuarder NV3185 HD Night Vision Monocular 4X Digital Zoom Hunting Telescope Night Camera

$ 269.99 $ 149.99

New Arrival Night Vision Monocular 200M IR Range with WIFI Function 940nm+850mm IR Laser Hunting Riflescope

$ 698.98 $ 416.99

Bestguarder WG-50 Plus Night Vision Monocular with Wifi Function 6x50mm Infrared 850NM Wildlife Camera

$ 398.99 $ 325.98

PARD GM54SL Thermal Imaging Night Vision 5′ HD Screen Laser Rangefinder with 50Hz Non-blocking Refresh Technology

$ 6,509.99 $ 5,499.99

PARD Hunt-Pro 384-17/25mm Micron Core Thermal Imaging Night Vision IP67 Waterproof Hunting Camera

$ 5,509.90 $ 4,499.90

PARD G25 Handheld Thermal Imaging Night Vision Hunting Camera Scout Monocular with Laser Pointer

$ 3,509.90 $ 2,799.90

PARD SA 35 Thermal Imaging Night Vision Camera HD LCD Display with 1500M Laser Rangefinder

$ 3,699.90 $ 3,299.90