Imagine laying prone on a shooting mat, your favorite rifle(with scope) parked before you resting on a bipod. You squint downrange across the rolling green landscape, hills, and valleys rising and falling gently in a grass sea. In the distance, you spy the faint glint of something catching the sun’s rays, and an oddly geometric shape standing out against the lush nature surrounding it.

That’s your target, the polygonal slab of steel you need to hit with your shot. The problem is you can barely see it, as it looks like a postage stamp stuck out in an ocean of land. However, you saddle up to your rifle and peer through the scope affixed to the top. The tiny speck of target comes into view larger, a set of crosshairs imposed over the center of the plate. You regulate your breathing, gently slide your finger into the trigger guard, and smoothly apply rearward pressure. The rifle fires, and off in the distance, you hear a faint but welcome “pang” as your bullet impacts the plate.

While your mechanics, training, and execution are all to thank for a well-placed long-distance shot, that riflescope undoubtedly helped you find and acquire the target you just hit.

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Bobcat King 1-4×24 IR Tactical Riflescope 1/2MOA Ballistic Scope Lighting CQB Rifle Scope For AR15 Shooting

$ 239.99 $ 169.99

Bobcat King 1-6×24 IR Hunting Riflescope 1/2MOA Ballistic 6 Levels Red Illumination Sight For AR15 308 win Close Shooting

$ 239.99 $ 169.99

Bobcat King 3-12X40 AOE Hunting Riflescope Front Parallax Red/Green Mil Dot Reticle Airsoft Scope Optical Sight

$ 209.99 $ 149.99

Bobcat King 3-12X44 SFIR Riflescope Red Green Mil-Dot Reticle Airsoft Optical Sight Tactical Scope

$ 249.99 $ 179.99

Bobcat King 4-16X44 FFP Riflescope HD First Focal Plane Side Parallax Etched Glass Hunting Tactical Optical Scope

$ 389.99 $ 279.99

Bobcat King 5-20X50SFIR Tactical Riflescope Side Parallax Optical Sight Sniper Hunting Rifle Aiming Air Gun Scope

$ 339.99 $ 229.99

Bobcat King 8X44SFIR Hunting Riflescope Camouflage Appearance Second Focal Plane Tactical Sniper Aiming Optical Sight

$ 289.99 $ 199.99

Bobcat King 2.5-10x50IR Hunting Riflescope Fixed Parallax Glass Enhanced Reticle Illuminated Tactical Scope

$ 289.99 $ 199.99

Bobcat King 3-12X44SFIR Riflescope Camouflage Appearance Side Parallax Tactical Hunting Rifle Aiming Air Gun Scope

$ 299.99 $ 209.99

Bobcat King 2.5-10X50SFIR Tactical Riflescope Camouflage Appearance Hunting Optical Rifle Aiming Air Gun Scope

$ 299.99 $ 219.99

Bobcat King 4-16X44SFIR Hunting Riflescope Airsoft Rifle Scope Traffic Light Illumination Sniper Tactical Optical Sight

$ 289.99 $ 209.99

Bobcat King 6-24X50 FFP Tactical Riflescope HD First Focal Plane Side Parallax Glass Etched Hunting Scope

$ 359.99 $ 279.99