A range finder is a device that measures the distance from the observer to a target, in a process called ranging. Applications include surveying, navigation, to assist focusing in photography, choosing a golf club according to distance, and correcting the aim of a projectile weapon for distance.

Laser rangefinders are used for many things today, including golf. People can use this technology not only to measure the yardage of a particular shot but to gauge slope and wind as well. The technology makes it very simple to obtain yardage. In a typical rangefinder, one aims the reticle at the flagstick and presses a button to get the yardage. There has been debate over whether they should be allowed in tournaments. While their use is banned on the professional level, they are becoming widely used on the amateur level.

Now, many hunting activities also need a rangefinder. Hunters use it to measure the distance from them to prey so that they could use their bow sight or other devices to make sure that they won’t miss it. If you are looking for the best range finder, here you can find the top-rated rangefinders on the market. Order it now you will enjoy a big discount with free shipping.

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WildGuarder LE033 700M Range All-Weather Mini Laser Rangefinder 500g Recoil Hunting Night Vision Scope

$ 369.99 $ 172.99

LaserWorks LRNV009 200M Nighttime View Range 6 X32MM Optical Magnification Night Vision Laser Rangefinder

$ 379.99 $ 239.99

WildGuarder Able1 Night Vision Monocular with 500M Laser Rangefinder 4X Digital Zoom Hunting Camera

$ 389.99 $ 259.99

WildGuarder Aimer1 Bow Sight Rangefinder 905nm Class 1 Laser 300 Yards Range 5 Pin Four-axis Adjustment For Hunting

$ 389.99 $ 249.99

PARD Hunt-Pro 384-17/25mm Micron Core Thermal Imaging Night Vision IP67 Waterproof Hunting Camera

$ 5,509.90 $ 4,499.90

PARD G25 Handheld Thermal Imaging Night Vision Hunting Camera Scout Monocular with Laser Pointer

$ 3,509.90 $ 2,799.90

PARD SA 35 Thermal Imaging Night Vision Camera HD LCD Display with 1500M Laser Rangefinder

$ 3,699.90 $ 3,299.90

(US Stock with Fast Shipping) PARD NV008 Plus LRF Night Vision Monocular Sony OLED Screen 200M Laser Pointer Rangefinder for Hunting

$ 1,799.99 $ 998.99

PARD SA 35LRF Thermal Imaging Night Vision Monocular with Laser Pointer Rangefinder for Hunting

$ 4,599.90 $ 3,849.90

Pard NV008 Plus Night Vision Monocular 200m IR Range Infrared Camera For Hunting Shooting Outdoor

$ 959.99 $ 698.99

PARD NV007 A Night Vision Monocular 1080P 5W IR Power Digital Night Vision for Hunting

$ 689.99 $ 499.99

Laserworks LE-032 700M Long Range Rifle Scope Sight Tactical Hunting Mini Rangefinder with Rail Mount

$ 357.99 $ 168.99