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Hunting Tips: How to Use Compound Bow Sights

how to use compound bow sights

Hunting Tips: How to Use Compound Bow Sights

Compound bow sights are a profoundly crucial device for focusing your visual field, enhancing your aim, and also making certain that your arrows are properly lined up and striking the target each time. Bow sights act as a hands-on navigational device. They come in numerous varieties and also have helpful features any archer would appreciate having.

However, there are numerous bow sight versions. Just how do you choose the right one and also, when you’ve chosen it, exactly how do you use it? In this post, we’ll speak to you in detail exactly how to pick a substance bow sight, how to install it to your bow, how to utilize it, and just how to adjust it.

how to use compound bow sights-1How It Works

A bow sight is a tool that makes use of a pin or pin, circle, lens, or various other pens to aid you to identify and hit the target. They can be gotten used to various types of bows and also the distance being fired, in addition to supply archers with a ‘referral point’ regarding exactly how high, reduced, left, or right they need to hold the bow arm when releasing the string. When made use of properly, a bow view does wonders for precision, so you can focus on your target much faster.

It is very important to master the essentials of archery to get one of the most out of a bow sight. For instance, your draw hand must be drawn back to a regular factor every single time, or there will certainly be a significant variant in the shots, despite just how you adjust the sight.

How to Use Compound Bow Sights

1. Decide Which Type of Bow Sight You’d Like

Two kinds of sights can fit on a compound bow: the fundamental 3 pin sight and also the solitary pin movable sight. Both types of sights are usually made of either plastic or light aluminum, which makes them extremely light-weight to not include any type of additional pressure on the bow. They include both windage and altitude changes also. Sights can be bought in either standard or youth dimensions. They mount directly to the bow with their included mounting equipment, so you can use them, which will certainly be gone over in the next step.

3-Pin Sight

The 3-pin sight is the most common view to add to your compound bow. It is flat shaped, with a round hood that contains 3 fiber optic pins and also a little bubble degree. The bubble degree aids you inappropriately align your shots, and also the hood is usually accented with a brilliant or reflective shade for far better exposure. The pins have three different colors of red, green, or yellow. They guarantee you can obtain your target without shedding excessively in regards to the sight picture. The pins are generally made from brass. Make sure the view has a reversible place style to ensure that either left- or right-handed users can connect it to their bow. One extra benefit of a 3-pin compound bow sight is that they’re not that expensive. For less than $20, you can significantly improve your archery precision and also struck that bullseye each time.

how to use compound bow sights-2Single Pin Sight

The solitary pin sight looks similar to the 3-pin, with a straight round hood as well as a bubble level. Behind the degree is positioned just one vertical pin in one fiber optic shade, generally green. Some of these sights include a flexible illumination Rheostat light to shine right on the pin and illuminate it. Having just one pin develops a clear, unhampered view of your target, as well as ultra-precise changes. Unlike the 3-pin sight, the single pin is purchased only in the left-hand or right-hand kinds. It’s not reversible. They tend to additionally be extra pricey than 3-pin bow sights.

Peep Sight

In addition to picking one of the pin sights, you’ll also desire a back round sight, called a peep sight; they’re offered separately. They operate as an additional placement tool, as well as they operate in tandem in addition to either your 3-pin sight or the single pin sight. A peep sight is linked into the strings in the rear of the bow. It develops a tunnel effect when you check out it, tightening your visual field as well as focusing your purpose. So, that when you pull back, you can browse the peep sight to aim directly with the pin sight and also at the target.

There are greater than simply these three types of sights, but these are basics to get you began using them with your substance bow. You can additionally discover 4-pin or perhaps 5-pin sights.

2. Mount the Pin-Sights to the Bow

After you’ve purchased your particular type of bow sight and received it, it’s time to attach it to your compound bow. The following directions are for pin sights.

At the end of the bow sight, you’ll notice two sets of three side by side mounting holes. The bow sight comes with screws that fit into these holes and screw to your bow. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove these screws from the sight and set them aside for now.

Take your compound bow and turn it on its side, with the outside facing towards you. You’ll notice a black or metal mounting plate about halfway up on the bow. It’ll have two screw holes designed for a sight.

Place your sight’s mounting holes vertically over these two screw holes, with the sight facing upright and away from you. Take the Phillips head screwdriver and attach the sight to the bow using the included screws. Make sure the sight is level by using the bubble level as your guide.

3. Using the Sight

With your 3-pin sight mounted, it’s time to use the sight. Each pin represents specific yardage. The top pin is for the closest distance, the middle pin is for the middle distance, and the lowest pin is for the farthest distance. Some possible pin adjustment yardages include:

  • 15 – 20 – 25 yards
  • 15 – 30 – 45 yards
  • 20 – 30 – 40 yards

With a single pin sight, you manually adjust the yardage yourself with the included yardage selector. You can only choose one yardage at a time. It is much easier to adjust a single pin sight, and you can do it quickly without using a wrench or screwdriver.

Place an arrow in the bow and hold it there without drawing it back. Then, bring the bow up to your eye. Look through the peep sight and the pin sight towards the tip of the arrow. You line up the tip of the arrow to one of the color-coded pinheads, whichever distance yardage you’re aiming for.

Stand facing the target. Drawback the bow, use the peep sight and the pin sight to line up the tip of the arrow to the appropriate pin for that yardage and shoot.

4. Adjusting the Bow Sight

If you are experiencing a lot of misses outside the bullseye of the target, then you’ll want to adjust the sight. You want to adjust it in the direction of the arrows that you’re missing. For example, if you’re missing down and to the left of the bullseye, you want to adjust the sight down and to the left. If you’re hitting too high, move the sight higher. You’re not correcting in the opposite direction.

To adjust the sight, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver. On the sight itself while it’s mounted, locate both the horizontal and vertical screws. If you’re hitting the target too high or low, you’ll want to adjust the vertical screw. If you’re hitting your target too far to the right or left, you’ll want to adjust the horizontal screw.

Use the screwdriver to slightly unscrew that adjustment screw, then slide the whole sight to adjust it. Then tighten the adjustment screw. When you’re doing this, make sure your adjustments are small. Keep checking it and looking through the peep sight at the pins. It takes a bit of patience to get this step right, so expect to go through an adjustment period before you become really proficient.

Once your arrows start hitting the bullseye, that’s when you know that both the peep sight and your pin sight are properly in place and being used to their best advantage.

5. Practice and Correct Problems

Now that you’ve learned about compound bow sights and the basics of how to use each type, it’s up to you to become proficient in your archery. For that, you’ll want to practice using the bow sight with your target distances. It might take some getting used to since your field of vision is focused on the pins. That’s why they’re fiber optic and color-coded. They improve your accuracy immensely.

Having difficulty with your bow sight? Try replacing the included screws with better ones made of steel. Some bow users suggest using wax on the screws as well. Also, check where your peep sight is located, tied to the strings. It might be too high or too low. You might also have to raise your anchor points or shortening the bow draw length to about half an inch. That also, in turn, lowers the peep sight and changes the point of impact. Or, you can change the peep sight location manually. It’s not advised that you move the nocking point, which would impact the tune. A draw length that is too long would make it seem like the pin sight is the problem and you’re shooting way too high or too low.

Once you’ve become proficient in a 3-pin bow sight, the most common type of bow sight, then try the single pin sight.

Best Compound Bow Sights in 2020

1. Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge is a prized brand amongst archers, and their React Pro 5 pin bow sight is a prominent alternative for both Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sightcompetitive as well as casual archers, as well as seekers. Suitable for most compound bows, the five-pin bow sight is a breeze to view in, thanks to React Technology, which allows for the procedure to be performed with just a couple of arrowheads. All you require is to have the initial 2 yardage marks precisely spotted in, and the rest, up to 60 yards, will certainly be adjusted accordingly– conserving you the demand to buy hand adjust each pin. The calibration is seldom off, but improvements can be done quickly with an advanced tool-less micro-click windage and also an altitude modification system. Conversely, sight in all five pins utilizing a master modification screw. Hope this post could help you find the best compound bow sights, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

The React Pro functions well for speed shooting with a minimum of 240 fps, so if you’re tracking, the sight may not be as reliable. It includes 2 pin sizes: the 0.19 and the 0.10. The 0.19 has larger-sized ideas compared to the 0.10, so they function well for close ranges. If hunting at longer ranges such as at 40 lawns or more, however, the bigger pins will cover even more of the shot placement, which may affect the impact point. Both dimensions include ultra-bright medium fiber optic yardage indications which can be quickly seen regardless of the setting.

Using a rheostat light, archers can enhance the illumination to match any problem, while a glow-ring helps to maintain exposure through low and transforming light– suitable for night settings. The sight ring is 1.75 inches in diameter. Second and third axis adjustments help to strengthen accuracy at severe angles over longer distances. Choose from four mounting positions to best suit your stance and build. The sights are available for both left and right-handed archers, although the left set up will be more costly.

2. Laserworks A3 905nm Class 1 300 yards Bow Sight Rangefinder

bow sight review-2Laserworks A3 bow sight rangefinder is a hybrid sight with range finder all-in-one and durable aluminum CNC mount. It is equipped with horizontal & vertical sliding rail with markings. Windage & elevation can be minor adjusted with a lock to secure, simple to operate.

The bow range finder can not only aim target precisely but also measure the distance to any target within 300 meters. The range distance and angle will be both displayed on the OLED screen (resolution 128*64).

Equipped with the React technology that Laserworks employs on many of the bow sights the company makes, this model ensures that all the five pins will be adjusted automatically so that you always enjoy mathematical accuracy.

While its siblings work with dual-axis adjustment, this one takes things even a little further and comes equipped with third axis adjustment for even longer distances. All the materials used in making it are of top-notch quality, such as stainless steel and solid aluminum.

You may feel a bit disappointed that this bow sight is not versatile, and you need to purchase the version that suits you as a left-handed or right-handed user. However, seeing how precise this bow sight is, you might not find this drawback that important.

3. Truglo Range-Rover Pro LED Bow Sight

Widely touted as one of the top-selling single pin sights on the market, Truglo’s Range Rover Pro LED bow sight is Truglo Range-Rover Pro LED Bow Sightsuitable for all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or seasoned shooter. As an electronic unit that runs on battery, it is ideal for hunters who want to get rid of conventional, physical pins that tend to block their view.

The adjustable green dot display is suspended on a glass lens within a circular scope housing, which accepts standard 1.87-inch scope lenses. Sighting in is easy and can be done within minutes, thanks to its PWR-DOT technology that creates an illuminated center dot, with over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes.

Despite its budget-friendly price, the Truglo comes with a Zero-In adjustment dial for increased control and accuracy, as opposed to regular lever-action sliders. It turns smoothly, allowing for precise micro-adjustments on elevation and windage. The Truglo is primarily made for right-hand shooting, but a left-handed bracket can be purchased separately to cater to left-handed archers.

The Truglo has a tonne of range on its sight tapes– up to 100 yards– and under the hands of a seasoned hunter, can be deadly from a long distance. With no pins to block your sight, archers will enjoy superior accuracy and an increased field of view.

Choose from 11 brightness settings for the LED dot, fully adjustable to match your desired level. No issues are using the sight during the day or in normal lighting conditions, but in rain or low-light environments, it can get very dark if you don’t turn up the brightness– which may pose a problem for states where it is illegal to hunt with an electronic sight. A glow-in-the-dark shooter ring around the housing, as well as a tool-less design, help to support the aiming process.


You can use your compound bow sight for regular target practice or hunting. Using compound bow sights is basically all about choosing the type of sight that is best for you, taking the proper steps to mount or tie them correctly to your bow, and then performing small incremental manual adjustments until you’re hitting the target each and every time.

As always, If you have a large order and other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours. Many thanks for shopping with us and enjoy your life!

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