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Top 5 Best Laser Rifle Scope with Rangefinder in 2020 – Laserworks LRNV009 Night Vision Monocular

night vision scope with rangefinder

Top 5 Best Laser Rifle Scope with Rangefinder in 2020 – Laserworks LRNV009 Night Vision Monocular

Technological improvements have improved our lives as well as their quality. Even the tactical, as well as firearms neighborhood, has actually felt the far-reaching implications of innovation. Among the current advancements is the rangefinder scope. With this gadget, you reach experience the advantages of having two tools in one clever device.

To get the most out of it, you need to choose a version that fits your needs. Choosing the most effective rangefinder scope depends on building, requirements, attributes, dimension, as well as style. These could be confusing, but you don’t have to stress. This article gives you all you need to find out about rangefinder scopes.

Best Rangefinder Scope Reviews of 2020

1. Burris Eliminator III LaserScope 3-12x44mm

night vision scope with rangefinder-1

The Burris Eliminator III is a smaller sized, lighter, and also sleeker version of the Remover III. It has a magnifying degree of 3-12x, enabling you to get a large field of view. This enables you to swiftly view your target while the 12x zoom is enough for many circumstances.

With Remover III’s technology, you just require to point at the target and click the range switch reading. The X96 reticle supplies you with an estimated range as well as the holdover, making a lit up dot out of your target. Viola, you’ll have your very first exact kill.

Unlike other long-range rifle scopes with the rangefinder, the Burris Eliminator III offers a decrease of 1,200 backyards on reflective targets and also 750 yards on non-reflective targets. This implies the extent can supply precise and also rapid shooting despite lengthy arrays. Because of this, the Remover III is an outstanding option for both novices as well as experts alike. Hope this post could help you find the best night vision scope with a rangefinder, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

One more vital element is that the Burris Eliminator III is durable. It’s made out of high-quality products. This rangefinder scope is weatherproof as well as can stand up to harsh scenarios.

2. LaserWorks LRNV009 night vision scope with the rangefinder

Laserworks LRNV009-1

This product comes with a 200m night-vision scope with ultra-clear imaging that provides you excellent night vision. The most unique aspect of this night vision is the ranging capability which needs technical greatly improved, the ranging scope is 4-500m and also 0-300km/h speed scope. With integrated laser rangefinder, digital night vision, digital compass, pitch angle measurement, pressure measurement, temperature measurement in one.

The Super Clear: 200m night-vision scope with ultra-clear imaging, provide you excellent night vision.4-500m Laser Rangefinder, Optical amplification system using 6×32 and 4X Digital Magnification.

The Superior Functional: Measure distance, speed, Small target locking, fog mode, Angle measurement, Height measurement, Horizontal distance measurement.

The Button Auxiliary Lighting: For easy to use in environments and to prevent others found. The backlight can be opened, when the product downwardly >45 and press any key.

With these excellent performances, LaserWorks LRNV009 night vision scope with rangefinder has become a famous product on the market, not just for hunting, but also for golf, outdoor activities. If you are interested, you can directly order it from our site, we will ship it in 48 hours.

3. Burris Eliminator III LaserScope 4-16x50mm

night vision scope with rangefinder-2

You are entitled to the best laser rangefinder rifle scope. And also Burris Optics uses the best as well as most-trusted extents on the marketplace. The Eliminator III is no different.

With this, newbies can take pleasure in the thrill of long-distance capturing. Exceptionally, the modern technology employed helps the customer in making a far better shot. Over time, with the range’s aid, you will certainly get better at capturing.

The Burris Remover III has a ranging capability of 1,200 lawns for reflective targets and also 750 yards for non-reflective targets. It additionally features a 4x-16x magnification level with a 50mm unbiased lens. In addition to this, the Burris Eliminator III proves to be sturdy as well as a high-quality rifle range. Made out of superior materials, this scope has no trouble withstanding shock and recoil. Hope this post could help you find the best night vision scope with a rangefinder, if any questions, feel free to contact us.

4. ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Riflescope

ATN has proved to be one of the pioneers producing high-quality scopes with low-light and night-vision optics features. Their X-Sight II offers a product of superiority and brilliance.

The ATN X-Sight II scope is not your typical rifle scope with a laser rangefinder. This product is fully digital and is like a computer. This device provides a plethora of features that make it easy to use.

This scope provides crystal-clear and HD images due to a combination of its Obsidian Core and Smart HD Optics. Aside from that, you can also record and save your shooting videos via the “Recoil Activated Video” setting.
With its digital imaging technology, the scope has three view settings: green night view, black & white night view, and day view. These settings help you to see in low-light conditions.

Moreover, the ATN X-Sight II also comes with a digital rangefinder that enables users to quickly view their target and shoot. The scope can even adjust the point of aim for every shot based on its data.

5. Swarovski DS 5-25×52 4A-I Riflescope

Did you know that Swarovski also provides its own line of the coolest optics?

This product comes with a configurator app that allows you to add ballistic data. This ensures an accurate and personalized shooting experience. The DS scope has quality images due to its smart technology. The product also features a heads-up display with data that makes a great hunting experience.

For a range scope with a rangefinder built-in, the Swarovski DS’s rangefinder can measure out to 1,500 yards. You just need to press the top button and you will have all the relevant data you need. We’re talking about distance, shot energy, the aiming point for the target, and wind speed.

The Swarovski DS utilizes a LED reticle to make it easier to see. This reticle is in the second focal plane and compensates for bullet drop.

Buying Guide

What is a Rangefinder Scope?

Rangefinder scopes provide the benefits of two useful devices: the laser rangefinder and the scope.

With a laser rangefinder, you can accurately estimate your target’s distance. You can roughly calculate and make the necessary adjustments.

On the other hand, a scope magnifies the target. Many hunters and target-shooters buy the ones with high resolutions and magnifications. It gives better sight and accuracy.

A rangefinder, however, combines both of these devices in one tool. With this, you can enjoy the benefits afforded by both of these devices. In fact, rangefinder scopes are known to be more accurate and precise.

You will enjoy the convenience and simplicity of having these two features in one device. The rangefinder scope is also expected to be more advanced due to having the latest technology.

How Do Rangefinder Scopes Work?

A rangefinder scope means having a rangefinder reticle installed inside your scope. Thanks to this, you can experience both the benefits of having a good magnification and distance calculation.

The rangefinder reticle enables you to roughly estimate the size of your target. With this, you can then accurately guess how near or far away it is.

This type of reticle features a crosshair design in measuring aids that are marked on the optic. This style will help the eye make rough estimates of your target or object.

Many of these reticles operate on “deer chest” increments which means that it’s scaled to the size of an average deer. You’ll guess the size of your target by looking at how many marks or bars it occupies at the proper magnification. For example, if the target gets 2 1/3 bars, then you can safely say that it’s about 200 yards away.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Rangefinder Scope

Rangefinder scopes have stunned the tactical and firearm community. You get the benefits of two components in one device. For instance, this can help users, whether beginner or professional. Subsequently, finding the best range scope can do wonders for your performance.

With the myriad of choices in the market, it might get a bit difficult to find the perfect one. We showed you the best options first. Moreover, we will list down all the factors you need to consider when it comes to rangefinder scopes.


To ensure its durability, check the type of materials.

Stainless steel rangefinder scopes are recommended due to the strength and sturdiness of the material. Make sure that your lens has anti-reflective properties and that it’s coated.

Aside from that, make sure that your scope is also weather-ready. It should be weatherproof and should be able to withstand strong recoils and shocks.


Specifications mean magnification and eye relief. These two factors determine the product’s performance.

For magnification, choose one that will best suit your needs. Let’s get rid of the notion that high levels are the best. Most of the time, users buy rangefinder scopes that are too advanced and they end up not using them.

In short, the scope should also have ample eye relief. With this, you can improve your accuracy and aim. Most importantly, you’ll find it more comfortable and easier to use.


A bigger battery will have more storage and can work for a longer period. Therefore, check the battery’s size when purchasing the scope.


This refers to the ability of your rangefinder scope to adjust to your environment to any range. It’s important to find a scope that will remain accurate.

Be sure to check the parallax adjustability the scope offers. The windage and elevation should be taken into consideration too.

Field of View

Field of view refers to the extent of your surroundings. This is affected by the magnification level. The higher the magnification is, the lesser the field of view is.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best rangefinder scope can be quite a difficult process due to the variety of options available. We hope that the tips and factors discussed in this article provide some help in your decision.

Keep in mind that these are all just tips. In short, the type of rangefinder scope you buy depends on how you are planning to use it. A rangefinder scope should meet all your needs. It should be durable and long-lasting. And it should be able to provide you with reliable performance.

As always, If you have a large order and other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours. Many thanks for shopping with us and enjoy your life!

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