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Best Crossbow Hunting Mounted Rangefinder – Laserworks LE-032 Laser Rangefinder

Best Crossbow Hunting Mounted Rangefinder – Laserworks LE-032 Laser Rangefinder

When it comes to finding the best rangefinder, many enthusiasts face a lot of challenges; this is because there are many of them available in the market. With so many of them with different styles and prices, selecting one can become a tricky process. That’s mainly the reason why before thinking of making any selection, you should think of knowing more about bow rangefinders; this way, you will know what to look for depending on your needs and what you think can help you.

What You Should Know About Rangefinder for Crossbow Hunting

When talking about bow mounted rangefinders, we are talking about some of the easiest to use rangefinders in the market. You can directly mount them on your crossbow or compound. In addition to this, they are also silent as well as lightweight, this me as that you can move around with them without worrying about weight.

You can as well choose to use the electric types, how we, there are stakes that don’t allow the use of electronic rangefinders, so you should check with the conversation officer in your area. If they are not allowed in your area, then you can as well get the nonelectric rangefinders, which can be used hands-free, just like the others; they are also lightweight.

The fact that they are lightweight makes it difficult for it to throw off balance from your bow. Because it is hands-free, it allows you to put most of your focus on getting the bow drawn back.

Most of these bow mounted rangefinders are efficient because they help in scanning modes hence allow you to do multiple range readings in seconds. There is no better to get the accurate distance of your target than using a rangefinder. So if you have never used one, it is high time you think of getting one for yourself.

Benefits of Crossbow Mounted Rangefinder

There are several benefits. The rangefinders are designed in such a way they make it easy for you to acquire a target when hunting. You may have realized you waste a lot of arrows due to your misses when shooting. You can increase your accuracy greatly after you go for the crossbow mounted range finders. The rangefinders are designed in such a way they allow you to camouflage as you hunt. Many people who have applied them have recorded high accuracy. They are among the best you can try.

Fast target acquisition
You need to acquire the target as fast as possible. The rangefinders are designed in such a way they make it easy for you to acquire the target as fast as possible. Remember you need to spot the target fast and aim to shoot before the game can see you and escape. When hunting animals such as elk, they tend to run away when they spot you. You need to aim fast and shoot accurately. The rangefinders are designed to allow you to acquire the target fast so that you can shoot before the game escapes.

High accuracy
The rangefinders are designed to allow you to achieve high accuracy when aiming. It is necessary to improve your accuracy as you aim. It contributes greatly to helping you increase the chances of killing more games. The rangefinders come in unique designs that make the process of aiming very convenient. You will never regret it after you invest in the right rangefinder.

Increases your efficiency
You need to aim with high accuracy to avoid wasting arrows. The rangefinders increase your accuracy as you hunt. You will utilize the arrows effectively in the hunt. It is among the ways you can apply to make your hunting adventure more successful.

Buying Guides on Crossbow Mounted Rangefinder crossbow rangefinder

You need to go over buying guides on crossbow mounted rangefinder before you can proceed to buy a crossbow rangefinder. The rangefinders are very helpful in your daily applications. You will increase your accuracy greatly if you can invest in the right rangefinder. Check on the features available on the rangefinder and ensure it is highly durable. Durable rangefinders will serve you for long. Remember you need to ensure you buy a durable rangefinder which can assure you value for money in the long run. Here are factors to check out before you buy a crossbow mounted range finder:

Universal clamp
The rangefinders come with clamps you will use to mount on the crossbow. To avoid issues when trying to install the rangefinder, you need to check on the design of the unit. It should have features that are easy to use. The way the clamp is designed allows for easy mounting.

Long-distance spotting sight
The range finder should have a clear range to allow you to achieve the perfect aim. Check whether the rangefinder has fast target acquisition and high accuracy. An accurate rangefinder will improve your hunting performance.

Durable material
Check on the materials used to make the crossbow mounted rangefinder. A unit made out of aluminum tends to be highly durable. It will serve you for long till you realize value for money. Apart from the durability, the bow rangefinder should offer some level of camouflage to allow you to achieve the best shots without getting noticed by the game.

Color OLED display
The rangefinder should have a clear digital display to allow you to take measurements fast and aim. Remember any delay to take action you may lose sight of the game. In most cases, the wild animals will keep on running away from you. Ensure the rangefinder is easy to use and fast-acting.

Why we pick Laserworks LE-032 Mounted Rangefinder as Best Crossbow Mounted Rangefinder?

Laserworks LE-032 Mounted Rangefinder Features:

  • It is a riflescope mate with LE-032, and the measure is towards 700 meters. It is a tactical mini outdoor shooting for hunting crossbow archery rangefinder.
  • It has a high star rating and is mostly available in black color.
  • Easily camouflages with Long sporting sight distance of a clear range which doesn’t exceed 702 meters hence the best when you need acquisition and fast target.
  • Camouflage color and durable material is the feature of this product, and it’s made with an alloy of aluminum metal which is extremely tough for it to be used anywhere.
  • Match the camp patterns as well. It has Features like shockproof, lightweight, and Long lasting weather resistance.

Laserworks LE-032 Mounted Rangefinder is a curious optic designed to be mounted on a gun, crossbow, or hunting bow. It doesn’t look like your average rifle scope but in the end, it’s not designed to replace true rifle scopes. It doesn’t have the round tubes and lenses that are customary for rifle scopes. It’s actually designed to fit on top of your rifle scopes by either of the rings that attach it to the firearm.

If you have a bow or crossbow that has hardpoints for attachments, simply choose the position that feels right for you.

How to Sight In a Crossbow

You need to sight a crossbow first before you can aim the game. There are different types of crossbows rangefinders available in the market. You need to check on the instruction manual on the crossbow before you can start the crossbow sighting procedure. The crossbow rangefinder comes with knobs that you will have to use so that you can sight the bow. Work with the knobs and adjust until you achieve the perfect aim.

Apply a shooting aid
The shooting aid will prevent movement as you pull the trigger. Remember if there are movements, you will lose sight and hit amiss. Most crossbows come with shooting aids to help you out. Even if your crossbow does not have a shooting aid, you should not worry. You may have less accurate results, but you will aim.

Stand 20 yards from your target
You need to stand at a 20 yards distance then cock the crossbow. You can use a rope or a crank aid. Seat the arrow then align the topmost dots. You can as well use the reticle. Squeeze the trigger using your index finger. The scope should be maintained at a bull’s eye.

Check your accuracy
If it is your first time using a crossbow mounted range finder, you may miss the target. You should not be worried. Repeat the process until you master it. In most cases, the scope will have dots that you will have to align the arrow before you can shoot. If the target was missed, then you need to try the other dots. There are some rangefinders with high accuracy; you need to pull the trigger while maintaining the arrow on the dot indicated. The dot will act as a guide as you you sight the arrow.

How to Use a Crossbow Mounted Rangefinder

Using a rangefinder may seem simple, but this is the case for those who know how to use it, and for those who don’t have a single idea about may find it very difficult. When it comes to using a cross bow-mounted rangefinder, there some tips you have to know. This is why we have decided to compile a list of some tips you have to know while using a crossbow mounted rangefinder.

After making your purchase, you should go through the user manual; this will give you a detailed explanation of how you are supposed to handle and use the rangefinder. You can use the user manual to expand your skills.

While measuring distance, the eyepiece degree of your rangefinder should be readjusted, this is to make sure that the object appears more evident while viewing. For excellent precision, you should continuously press the power button until the distance of the target pops up once more.

When it comes to ore marking distance, you can use trees. You can do this by using well-defined trees then mark locations. You can do this by using paints, ribbons or tacks.

While using the rangefinder, ways remember never to dent your optics. However, you have to know that the performance of this device may change, and this may depend on fog, temperature or the humidity of the surrounding. Never interfere with the internal electrical components of the device. When you get into a new area, always remember to calibrate your device.

To make sure that you properly focus the device, make sure to twist your eyepiece until you can see clear, crisp as well as sharp display focus.


If you don’t know how to use a crossbow mounted rangefinder, you don’t have to worry so much. You can always learn from the super manual that comes along with the device. If you have any questions, kindly leave us a message, we will reply to you ASAP.

Now, if you have any interest in Laserworks LE-032 Mounted Rangefinder, kindly click here to learn more. You can order it on our website, we will arrange the delivery very soon.

As always, If you have a large order and other questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you in 24 hours. Many thanks for shopping with us and enjoy your life!

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